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The following news articles are geared toward students and other professionals.
Revolutionary Tesla Semi Truck arrives with a whopping 500-mile driving range Print E-mail
Semi trucks transport goods all over the country and without them we'd never get our stuff as fast as we do now, but they come with one big disadvantage - emissions. Today's semi trucks are powered by large diesel engines that emit so many pollutants into the air, easil Tesla forever changed the auto industry when it debuted the Model S and now it's set to do it again with the semi truck segment. Tesla's semi truck Add a comment
This solar-powered floating farm combines agriculture and dining under one roof Print E-mail
As urban farming becomes increasingly popular, people are finding new, unexpected ways of incorporating it into urban environments. From rooftops and community gardens, urban farming has descended onto waterways and lakes, like in the case of this solar-powered floating structure, called Lotus, which will function as a restaurant and farm. Lotus utilizes a vertical design to house its various hydroponic and greenhouse stations, along with indoor and outdoor dining areas where visitors can enjoy... Add a comment
Tesla surprises the world with a new $250k Roadster Print E-mail
Tesla surprised the crowd tonight at the debut of the Tesla Semi with the reveal of a new Roadster, which will arrive by 2020. Although lately Tesla has been focused on more mass market electric cars, it hasn't forgotten where it started and is finally releasing a new Roadster. While the Tesla Model 3 focuses on the entry-level electric segment, the new Roadster will focus on the high end of the segment with a $250,000 price tag. What does that get you? For starters the Tesla Roadster will feature... Add a comment
Son builds modern dream cabin from recycled materials for his aging father Print E-mail
Retiring to a cozy cabin in the woods is a dream of many, and one that Josh Wynne helped his father fulfill when he built and designed Mike’s Hammock, a compact dwelling located on his property in Nokomis, Florida. Designed for handicap accessibility, the modern one-room was crafted for aging in place and prioritizes sustainability in its use of recycled materials and low-energy footprint. Stylish and sustainable, the 604-square-meter cabin was constructed with mostly local and... Add a comment
This Living Light is powered by a houseplant Print E-mail
  The lamp works using photosynthesis. As organic compounds are released in the soil, bacteria generates electrons and protons. Those in turn are used as a battery to power the light. The healthier your plant is, the more photosynthesis takes place and the more energy you generate, which is a pretty cool way to gauge how happy your plant lamp is. Related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJogC46yNkQ Living Light produces up to 0.1mW of energy, which isn't enough to light an entire... Add a comment
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